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That the socioeconomic status of a family can impact a child's exposure to books? 

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that There Are Benefits of access to self-selected books?

It Starts at Home

A child's literacy level depends on spending time at home with a book. Yet on average, less than one book rests in the homes of children below the poverty line. My Home Library is working with donors and literacy groups to give children the books they need to develop reading skills that will create a pathway to success in life. 

Bridging the Gap

Through My Home Library, the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation is able to negotiate best-in-class pricing with book publishers, including Arté Publico, Bright Sky Press, Longtale Publishing, Penguin Random House, and Scholastic, to help make sponsoring a child’s home library affordable. Donors may sponsor a home library for an individual child, sponsor home libraries for a classroom, a grade level, or a school, or make a general donation in support of the My Home Library initiative.

When children have access to books in their home, and have choice in selecting books, research clearly shows a higher probability that they will read more frequently and achieve at higher levels academically. Unfortunately, books are a luxury that many families cannot afford, yet they are essential to a child's development. To help children in need gain access to books in their home, the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation will host the My Home Library program at schools and licensed childcare centers across the greater Houston area.

Here is how a My Home Library Build Event works:

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