The Houston community is working tirelessly to provide over 25,000 home libraries to children in need this year alone. By helping us, you will directly change the lives of children throughout our great city. 1 in 4 Houston students do not meet minimum academic standards at Grade 3. Through your generosity, My Home Library will turn-the-tide and make book ownership and literacy a reality for all Houston’s aspiring young readers.

5th Grader
Atherton Elementary, HISD

Meet Bre’Anna, a fifth grader from Atherton Elementary. She is an avid reader, stating “Every time I finish my work early or if I have free time in class, I will read”. She was so excited to participate in My Home Library, that she did not know which books to choose. Even though there were a lot of options, Dork Diaries stood out to her. She likes this book series because it shows her what are the potential obstacles of middle school.

When Bre’Anna is not in school, she loves to play outside. On an average day, you will find her with a basketball in her hand or running around her neighborhood. You may also find her reading outside, especially when the weather is cooler. Her favorite color is peach and her favorite animal is a rabbit because they are easy to care for.

Like many students at Atherton Elementary, Bre’Anna does not have that many books at home and rarely gets brand new books. Participating in My Home Library made her feel special because she could choose books that were made and bought for her.

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